Brig Gen Thomas C. Richards WAFAPA PRESIDENTS CLUB

1980Charles and Ann Scott
1981Ed and Eleanor Niezgoda
1982Carl and Gene Lindenlaub
1983Ed and Carlene Ignatowski
1984George and Betty Winkleman
1985John and Sharon Riesselman
1986Ray and Ginny Seaholm
1987Paul and JoAnn Jensen
1988Gene and Judy Bostian
1989Paul and Shirley Youngdale
1990David and Jean Olson
1991Larry and Sherry Quamme
1992Dennis and Cheryl Arkin
1993Al and Vicki Forner
1994Dennis and Ann Wendt
1995Rich and Sue Albright
1996Gary and Sue VanHopp
1997Ed and Rene Bohnart
1998Lee and Margot Helquist
1999Joe and Helen Cullney
2000Tom and Nola Hall
2001Curtis and Sue Smith
2002David and Carol Prasse
2003Richard and Sharon Koenings
2004Linda & Greg Garasimowicz
2005David and Bonnie Anderson
2006Gary and Bronwyn Glojek
2007Dennis Lynn Wagner Mehring
2008Melissa & Robert Liedl
2009Jim & Lisa Ebert
2010Ralph and Crissy Druecke
2011Jack and Ann Dowden
2012Mike and Christie Gilly
2013Bruce and Melanie Bathurst
2014Polk and Elizabeth Burleson
2015Matt and Sue Matson
2016Tom and Dea Fotsch
2017Chuck and Sue Paulson
2018Joe and Lisa Hollman
2019Alan and Jamie Roberts