WAFAPA Constitution



The name of this organization shall be: WISCONSIN AIR FORCE ACADEMY PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION (WAFAPA); hereafter referred to as the Association.


The purpose of this association shall be:

  • to promote a better understanding of the U.S. Air Force Academy among members and non-members throughout the state of Wisconsin
  • to establish a strong link of friendship between the parents of cadets, past, present and future which can result in a special relationship of mutual helpfulness on all matters of common interest, with a special emphasis on assistance to parents of cadets and candidates if such assistance is requested or a need is apparent
  • to assist both the U.S. Air Force Academy administration, as requested, and the Wisconsin liaison officers wherever possible
  • to promote the good and welfare of its members. Said Association is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future tax code.


Any parent or guardian of any cadet, graduate cadet or candidate for admission to the Air Force Academy may become a member of the Association upon application for membership and payment of the current membership fee. While it is intended that the Association is primarily concerned with cadets and parents from the state of Wisconsin, others should not be excluded.


Section I

A. Regular member – Regular membership shall be by family. The family of each Air Force Academy cadet(s) shall constitute one membership and be entitled to one vote.
B. Life member – The family of each Air Force Academy graduate cadet shall be entitled to all benefits of this organization except that of holding office or voting.
C. Associate membership – All parties in Wisconsin interested in the objectives of this organization and approved by the Board of Governors are to be considered associate members. Associate members shall be entitled to all benefits of this organization except that of holding office or voting.
D. Ex-officio – Air Force Academy Liaison Officers assigned to this area and other official Academy representatives shall be ex-officio members.
E. Members in good standing: A member in good standing shall be one who is not delinquent in the payment of any financial obligation to the Association.

Section II

A. Dues shall be set by the Board of Governors for regular members and associate members. All members who have paid four (4) consecutive annual membership dues shall be considered lifetime members with dues paid in full. Ex- officio members shall pay no dues.
B. The fiscal year begins March 1 and ends the last day of February the following year.
C. The Board of Governors shall, if necessary, propose assessments which shall be levied on regular members only with the approval of a majority of the regular membership.

Section III

A. Board of Governors – The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Board of Governors which shall consist of the elective officers of the Association hereinafter specified.

B. Elected Officers of the Association – The elected officers of the Association shall be a President, an Executive Vice President, two Regional Vice Presidents, a Treasurer and Membership Chair. Additional officers may be established and elected by a majority vote of the Board of Governors at any regular meeting of the Association. Each officer position shallserve for a term of one year – April to April.

1. Elected officers of the Association shall be elected by the regular membership at the annual spring organizational meeting of the association.
2. Any vacancy occurring during the year shall be filled by appointment of the President with confirmation by the Board of Governors for the unexpired term created by such vacancy.
3. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Governors and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
4. The regional Vice Presidents shall have organizational responsibilities as designated by the President. One shall be known as Vice President South and one shall be known as Vice President North.
5. The Executive Vice President(s) shall keep minutes of the meetings of the Association and of the Board of Governors. The President shall inspect the book of minutes and any other pertinent records maintained by the Executive Vice President(s) and Treasurer at least twice every year to assure their accuracy and shall sign and insert a statement to that effect in the book of minutes. The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Association (except funds associated with the 501(c)3 account) and shall make a report of the same at the annual fall and spring organization meetings of the Association.
6. A separate position appointed by the President with approval of the Treasurer will have charge of the Wisconsin Air Force Academy Support Group 501(c)3 account. The position(s) are authorized to expend Association monies for Association obligations fromthe appropriate Association checking account(s). The President’s, his 501(c)3 designate or Treasurer’s signature is required for all expenditures.
7. The immediate past President of the Association shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Governors with vote.

C. Executive Board – An extension of the Board of Governors called the Executive Board may consist of, but is not limited to, the following positions appointed annually at the spring organization meeting by the Board of Governors: Fund Raising, Doolie Bags, Grad Gifts, Picnic and Webmaster.

D. Committees:

1. The Board of Governors may from time to time establish committees as is deemed appropriate, (e.g. All Academies Ball Committee) specifying such general or special dutiesas are necessary to accomplish the purpose for which the committee was established.
2. The Association will have the following permanent standing committees. Upon majority vote of the members in good standing, the Association may from time to time establish other such permanent standing committees as deemed appropriate.

i. Appointee Committee: There shall be a committee appointed yearly by the President, consisting of a chairperson and necessary number of members. The committee shall be responsible for working with the ALOs to successfully organize and conduct an annual Appointee Orientation Meeting in June.
ii. Nominating Committee: There shall be a committee chaired by the President consisting of not less than two other members of the Board of Governors responsible for presenting recommendations for positions on the Executive Board for the coming year at the spring meeting to be voted on by membership at the meeting. The membership shall receive written notification of the nominating committee slate prior to the

Section IV

A. Regular meetings – There shall be two (2) regular organization meetings of the Association each calendar year for all members – one meeting to be held in the spring (April) and one to be held in the fall (October). A separate meeting of the Executive Board will occur in conjunction with the spring meeting.
B. Special meeting – Any two (2) officers of the Board of Governors may call a special meeting of the Association if, in their opinion, the need for such a meeting should arise. Notices of such special meetings shall be distributed to all members of the Association in good standing in accordance with Section IV of these By-Laws.
C. Notice of meeting – The officer of the Board of Governors responsible for any regular or special meeting of the Association shall distribute to all members in good standing a notice of the forthcoming meeting. Such notice shall state the time, date and location of the meeting and shall, in the case of special meetings, state the nature of the business to be transacted at the said meeting.
D. Vote of member invalid when – No vote of the person(s) present at a regular or special meeting shall be valid unless notices of the meeting shall have been sent to all members in good standing as provided by paragraph C of this Section.

Section V

A. Vote of members:

1. Each member in good standing of the Association shall have one vote which that member may cast in any call for vote among the membership.
2. The vote of members who are not members in good standing of the Association shall not be counted in any call for vote among the membership and shall be considered a nullity.
B. Quorum – No vote of the members in good standing of the Association shall be invalid by reason of the lack of quorum.

Section VI
Amending the By-laws

A. How Amended – These by-laws may be amended (revised) by a majority vote of the members in good standing, provided written notice of the proposed amendment is furnished to the membership at least two (2) weeks in advance of the voting. When approved, the proposed amendment (revision) shall be effective immediately.
B. Proposed Amendments – Amendments to these by-laws may be proposed by an Association officer or by any member of the Association in good standing.

Section VII

Dissolution – in the event it becomes necessary to dissolve this organization the following shall apply:
A. Initiation must be made by the Board of Governors and submitted to the regular membership.
B. Complete dissolution of the Association must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of ballots cast. Ballots will be submitted by mail or email and must be returned to the Treasurer within 30 days of postmark or date stamp. Dissolution will become effective ten (10) days following ballot deadline.
C. All funds remaining in the treasury on the effective date of dissolution will be transferred to the USAFA Association of Graduates.

The above amended Constitution and By-Laws were adopted at the organizational meeting in Fond du Lac on August 2, 2015 and replace all previously adopted versions.