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Brief information is found below for recent USAFA Classes.

Class of 2016 BCT

Class of 2016 BCT

The Class color rotates between blue, silver, red, and then gold. This is first apparent when they arrive at the Academy and are issued a  ball cap in the color of their class. (Once they have had their haircuts, exchanged civies for uniforms and then wear the colored balls caps, they all start to look the same!)

Since the Class of 2000, each class chooses someone who exemplifies the type of person the class wishes to emulate. This is the Class Exemplar.

During the time our cadets are at the Academy, there are dates that have special significance:

In-Processing Day when they first enter life at the Academy. The beginning of their journey toward becoming officers in the United States Air Force.

Recognition Day is when the Cadet Wing finally ‘recognizes’ the Doolies as fellow Cadets.

Commitment Day is when they sign their commitment papers to become officers in the United States Air Force.

Graduation is the culmination of their short time at the Academy.

Individual Class Information:

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