Support Our Future Leaders

Blue Ribbon Fudge Logo

Our year-round fundraiser for WAFAPA is Blue Ribbon Fudge. A big thank you to Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge for supporting our club with this activity:

We also have several other fundraising and donation opportunities at our meetings and throughout the year whether it be giving of your time, money, or personal items.

  • Falcon raffle at our annual summer picnic. Please contact for more information.
  • Auction at our annual summer picnic. Please contact auctioncoordinator@ or to donate personal items for auction and for more information.
  • Essential everyday supplies for our cadets. Please contact to donate items to our cadets and for more information.
  • Birthday cards for our cadets to show how much we think about and appreciate them. Please contact to donate birthday cards, gift cards to stuff inside them, and for more information.
  • Commitment flags for our second year cadets to symbolize their dedication to the USAF. At this point cadets can no longer decide to drop out of the USAFA without having to repay their education. Please contact to donate for our cadets. This is a huge step in their careers of becoming United States Air Force Officers!
  • All Academies Ball to celebrate over the holidays with our future officers for all military service branches. Events like this show our appreciation for their dedication to continue in their path of service for our country. Please contact to be a sponsor for this wonderful event and for more information.
  • Graduation festivities for our First Class Cadets. They are now becoming 2nd Lieutenants in the USAF and will be deployed for active duty. Please contact for more information on how you can help make this a memorable experience.
  • The USAFA Parents’ Association of Los Angeles County maintains a list of fundraisers from other Parents Clubs around the country:
  • Purchase USAFA themed gifts to support various fund raising parent clubs from one website  Find the items you want from this large selection and support our cadets!  Go to