You will find a wealth of information about the United States Air Force Academy on their own pages. Here are a few links to help you get started:

USAFA LinkDescription
USAFAOfficial USAFA website
"Life at a Different ALTITUDE"Newest Official USAFA website -
Check out the Parents Tab.
Academy AthleticsOfficial site for USAFA Athletic Department.
Academy AdmissionsOfficial site for USAFA Admissions with information for interested High School kids.
Prep School ProgramOfficial site of the USAFA Preparatory School.
Association of Graduates (AOG)AOG is the official alumni association of the USAFA.
USAFA Facebook GroupOfficial USAFA Facebook group with posts daily.
AOG WebguyWebguy provides AOG members access to thousands of pictures taken during BCT and other important events at the USAFA.